Import Customer Master Data from Excel Files


The case:

A manufacturer in the B2B business regularly receives an excel file from a purchasing association containing information about which dealers have joined the association. When reaching particular sales targets, the purchasing association receives bonuses from the manufacturer.

The task:

It had to be found out if the dealers listed in this file are already registered in the manufacturer’s customer master and if so, they have to be marked.

The difficulty:

There was no explicit key in the excel data, as for example a sales tax identification number or a customer number, for a clear attribution. Furthermore, the address data in the excel files very often differ from those in the manufacturer’s customer master.

The solution:

Our DWH builder retrieves the excel file from a file directory, imports it and operates the pattern matching existing in the DWH builder by analyzing the excel address data by means of country, zip code and street. With the help of the pattern ID the data con easily be matched with the existing customer master. Furthermore, the data from the purchasing association are geocoded by the DWH builder to provide another opportunity to compare.


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