Stellwerk Data Automation

ETL Data from mostly any database or file to target database.


Overview of the Wilcon Stellwerk, the perfect and comprehensive tool for all your ETL needs.


Extract Data from any database or file, transform the content and load it into a target database.

Case studies

Learn from live case studies from various industries and learn how Wilcon Data Stellwerk can work for you.

Wilcon DWH Builder: Laden von Daten aus Oracle, MySQL, Excel in den SQL Server


Find out what are the key benefits for choosing the Wilcon Data Stellwerk as your ETL and Data Automation tool.

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Can Extract Data from Any Database

–  Oracle Db
–  SQL Server
–  MySQL
–  MariaDB
–  Other

Can extract Data from any file format

–  Excel
–  XML
–  Text
–  CSV

Can transform data before loading

–  Perform SQL Operations
–  Join reference tables
–  Add Rules/Meta Fields
–  Transform column names
–  Perform Calculations

Video of Oracle Db

Video on extracting data from an Oracle Db, transforming and loading on a SQL Server.

Video of Excel File

Example of extracting from an Excel File, transforming and loading on a SQL Server.

Video of table joins

Video of extracting from a SQL Server, joining with reference data and loading to target database.

Video of math operations

Extract from SQL Server, transform with computational math operations and load into target database.

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