How the DWH Builder Concept works

The Wilcon DWH Builder Concept is easy to understand

  • A Service will listen to the requests of the DWH Builder.
  • With the Maintenance App you are able to add/edit/delete/check/start/schedule your different requests.

This means that Service and Maintenance APP are not necessarily on the same Computer.

During the Setup the Administrator will be asked to give the credentials of the Database Server where all DWH entries will be saved. After installing the Database the Setup APP will create 2 other Setup Applications, one for the Service, one for the Maintenance APP.

Please take care that the service is installed only once per instance of the Wilcon DWH Builder. To get more information about how to create the Service please click here.

The Maintenance APP Setup can be given to several Users without any problem. To get more information about how to use the Maintenance APP please click here.

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