Check which jobs are currently running and how many records have been processed

In the upper sheet you can see the last 100 jobs which are currently processed or have been processed.

The lower sheet shows you the latest 100 sending jobs currently processed or that have been processed.

You can see which jobs are currently running. It will be refreshed automatically when the job status changes.

Check the Job History

Select Job History from the Menue and a new form will be shown.

And easily find out which jobs ended abnormally or which jobs were running at a specific time. Here you can see which jobs ended abnormally in the last 10 days.

Check which jobs will run in the next 24 hours. And start them if you need to run them immediately.

Select Schedule Maintenance from the Menue:

Jobs which can be started are shown in the upper part.

In the lower part the Job scheduling for the next 24 hours with the approximative runtimes is shown.

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