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Data Integration

Super technology, moderate result?

Manage big data volume, plan your transfers, check your data on the basis of transactions. Create rules for the data transfer, transform and standardize your data!

And you cannot imagine how easy and effective that is.

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and Parkinson’s Law

Achieve quick and high-quality results by our pyramidal technology that meet ad hoc at least 90% of all your demands. Several hundreds of reports are directly included…

And that within an incredibly short time.

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the end of the crystal ball

Replace your planning based on Excel by a modern, customizable and time-saving instrument. Augment every planning with many details that make work and planning easier.

Include historic data, show charts und reports, create attachment ratios.

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Data Governance

Achieve maximum user acceptance by extremely high data quality.
The only question is: how?
By transparent data, intelligent loading procedures and quality checks.
Machine Learning in BI is a key to all this.

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